About the Music
Soft music provides you with the ultimate relaxation experience and so lends itself to a sense instant calm and peacefulness  on hearing it. It soothes the mind and heals the soul with relaxing tones and waves of atmospheric music inundating the senses with an overwhelming sensation of gentleness.

The Sound
The soft music on these albums are a  deeply relaxing. layers of synthesizer have been set together in musical landscapes providing a focus for meditation, yoga or relaxation. Some of the music is augmented by nature sounds of the deep forest, a whimsical woodland or gentle rolling waves cascading on to a peaceful beach.

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Peace River, Ocean Breeze, Ambient Garden Meditation, Woodland Daydream, The Mists of Avalon and Song of Sun all for less than $15

Each album is available to purchase separateness at $3.99
Mp3 downloads only. We do not sell CDs
Soft Music

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From Peace River
From The Mists of Avalon